Why Weasels?

It’s got to be one of the oddest names for a studio – WeaselWerks.

In spite of almost always being misspelled in program books when I do a show, visitors to my table usually laugh and read the name out loud from the banner.  It’s nice to give people a smile even if that’s all they take away from my display.  Actually, especially if that’s all I can give them.

No one ever asks – why weasels?

There’s a lot of reasons, really.  I have the same coloring as several varieties of weasels (brown and tan),  I tend to be unnoticed in public and the alliteration factor makes me happy.

Additionally, weasels work pretty hard in the wild.  In the studio, we work pretty hard as well.  It’s sometimes a very long day with not a whole lot to show at the end, sort of like spending all day collecting tiny seeds and hunting down your dinner.  I imagine that sometimes even the smoothest weasel has moments of dismay when reviewing the day’s accomplishments.

Some of the work that an artist has to do in the current world of hyper connectivity has nothing to do with the art form itself.  There’s a ton of pictures to take, to post to the web on various sites, descriptions to write and then blogs with tutorials or updates about your work need to be done.  You need to have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, at least one online store front, keep up with your personal email, have a picture gallery on a site like deviantart and a blog.  It’s pretty hard to balance the online work with the actual production.

It’s easy to spend half a day just doing the outreach and not even picking up a tool and some metal.  That’s where werking like a weasel is really important.

Weasels spend their day doing the things they need to do to survive, but they take the time to be aware of their surroundings, explore the unusual and enjoy their favorite places.  Watching a weasel scamper on it’s way, you’ll see them stop and check out some new blossoms, run through a stream a couple of times and search out some tasty snacks, all while digging out a nest, grooming, hunting and soaking up some rays.

It’s a great reminder that I can get some work done, then take a break and work on a blog post for ten minutes while I enjoy a cup of coffee.

Not everything has to be done start to finish every time without any breaks.  At the end of the day, it’s important to have enjoyed the time I spent on the things I accomplished and on the things that aren’t quite done, but are further along than they were.    There’s always tomorrow to stop in on the things that still need to be done, and the things that need to be enjoyed.  Weasels werk every day, so they have to play every day too.  Those flowers aren’t going to last forever so you need to find them while they are there. 

Plus, those tasty snacks show up when you least expect them, so you’ve gotta keep an eye out for them. 

One thought on “Why Weasels?

  1. Thanks fr your follow. I’m looking forward to learning more about weasels, and you, and especially those tasty snacks 🙂
    Loved your Q&A post.

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