Final Countdown – well, not SO final….

Big Sigh.

Seems like there is never enough time in a day. Something has to be put off, and usually that’s taking pictures and online posting in the ‘Werks.

So, a quick update as to what’s been going on and what’s going to happen very soon:

1. ConDor Con in San Diego, March 21 – 23.

WeaselWerks is attending and will be hosting a table in the Dealer’s Room. There will be any number of things produced in the ‘Werks as well as some new landscapes from CalArt67. I think that the backgrounds that we did together are almost exhausted and we will be doing some more in June.

I looked around very carefully last year as I was out scurrying about and chose two artists that I will invite to do appearances with WeaselWerks all through 2014. These two artists make incredible art in very different areas than anything that we do in the ‘Werks, so it’s very much a sharing of inspiration and resources for all of us. Each of these artists spend a great deal of time crafting each piece and that means fewer pieces to display at shows and conventions. We know all about that frustration!

Natalie Ewert – working in pencil, ink, art marker, polymer clay, woodburning, watercolor pencil, watercolors and acrylics, she makes art you want to touch and hold. There is so much I want to say about how much I’m in awe, it’s best if you go visit her site(s) and save me the embarrassment of being a spaz. Which I totally am about her pieces and have to contain myself so as to not be annoying when I am around them. See what I’m talking about at and

Upon a Midnight – It’s leather, but not as we know it, Jim. Yes, it is leather; coiled, stretched, rolled, twisted leather in colors you never thought of leather in. Is that an eye? Again, yes! Or maybe a feather. A shell? Yes, yes and yes! Every item is unique, hand crafted and displayed with such amazing artistry, you just can’t compare the works from Upon a Midnight with the multi-run offerings that one usually sees at events. Upon a Midnight was invited to show at ConDor Con with WeaselWerks as I felt that more people need to see work that is truly extraordinary. Visit the website and view the galleries to see just why I’m so blown away at and

Deeply Dapper: Better Living through Tentacles – Because better living through tentacles is what some days are all about! Located in the eastern part of our confederation, Deeply Dapper creates soaps that make me want to get dirty just to take a bath. Seriously, the ‘Werks has a bathroom best seen by candlelight and tentacles would seriously class the place up, so getting me to WANT to spend time there is a miracle. Even with plans to move closer to the rockin’ and rollin’ West Coast (there have been 3 earthquakes in the LA area in the last two weeks!), I loved the product descriptions, the scent blends and the idea so much that I contacted them about having their soaps for events. It’s been a great experience with Deeply Dapper so far and morning showers with coffee scented soap just rock the Weasel World! Visit the booth at ConDor Con to see and sniff or check out their websites if you have to stay home that weekend. Also, read the blog at Deeply Dapper!

CalArt67 – as the sole rep for CalArt67, the ‘Werks will have the new landscapes on display at ConDor Con, but it will be an opportunity to order prints for mail delivery after convention for the most part. Here’s a sneak peek at two of the new ones:

Shades of Winter

Seasonal Shifts

As to what’s been happening the ‘Werks on the bench, I’ll close out with one lesson learned and a picture.

Lesson learned – getting a cut from Brass seems to be more prone to infection than Copper cuts. Maybe there is some truth behind the idea that Copper has antibacterial properties. Remember – Safety First! Sometimes that means band-aids and Neosporin.

Fold formed Copper, glass pearls on stainless steel nuts, hand forged bar links chain and a 10mm Bar Cut Silver Topaz.

Fold formed Copper, glass pearls on stainless steel nuts, hand forged bar links chain and a 10mm Bar Cut Silver Topaz.


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