The Consequence of the Unfortunate Hat

One of the best parts of being creative is that you can be as wacky and weird as you want and pass it off as being “Artistic”. You can also put off doing things like taking out the trash or getting to the dry cleaners before it closes since you were “In the Zone” and when you get caught watching totally unredeemable movies (Hell comes to Frogtown anyone?) you are either searching for inspiration or doing research.

It’s a little different once you’ve produced a piece and it’s wacky, weird, odd or based on the smallest detail from that one episode of Battlestar Galactica {and I mean the original series) where Starbuck and Apollo go down to this planet….. well, you get the drift.


If you share the story that was going on in your head about this unique piece as you were laboring away, the listener is treated to more than just an appreciation of diligent craftsmanship; they get something special that is lacking from many of the objects that surround us. They get a little bit of magic, a little glimpse into a different world that other people don’t know about. Sort of a secret that only a few will ever share. It’s the kind of thing that many of us dreamt of as kids and as an artist, you get to create it. It’s awesome!

As I’m starting to prepare for my next public appearance with WeaselWerks, I’m thinking about all things Steampunk. WeaselWerks will be appearing at CondorCon in San Diego in March. Gail Carriger, authoress of the Parasol Protectorate novels as well as other fine literary works, has been announced as the Guest of Honor for the convention and I’m really looking forward to being able to say hello, just like all the myriad other fans.

If you are wondering, Weasel – what does this have to do with the title of your post?, I’m a getting there, just hang on to yer horses.

One of the characters from Ms. Carriger’s novels, a certain Ivy Hisslepenny, has the most unorthodox taste in hats. Ivy, it seems, has never meet an ugly hat. Other characters seem to take almost palpable damage from some of her haberdashery choices, which has always given me pause for thought. What history could a horrid hat harbor, if a hat could harbor horrid history?

I’ve collected some materials that are rather outlandish, put on my thinking cap and have started to produce a series of head wear that will be on display at my table at the convention. The collection will be titled “The Consequence of the Unfortunate Hat” and each piece of headgear will have it’s own short, tragic story.

Feathers, Flowers, Birds, Butterflies and Beads of unusual sizes and compositions - Oh My!!

Feathers, Flowers, Birds, Butterflies and Beads of unusual sizes and compositions – Oh My!!

I will put each one up on the blog here, along with it’s story, for those who will not be able to view these cautionary caps in person.

In the meantime, the ‘werks continues to work on new designs, both steampunky and not, for the New Year.

All the best from the ‘Werks!

UPDATE: Due to a number of unfortunate occurrences, I have not been able to get more than one hat done.. Additionally, there will not be room to display the hats as WeaselWerks will be quite full with diverse and sundry merch. I’ll back burner this idea for next year and send the completed hats as part of an art show at one of the southland Steampunk conventions.

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