Multiple hats to wear every day

Running a business should be a choreographed dance between the marketing department, the research and development department, upper management, administrative staff and the production department with a general clean up every evening by the janitorial staff.

When you are an artist/crafter, you are (to paraphrase Billy Idol) dancing with yourself.  Too often, you are also dancing in the dark as Bruce Springsteen likes to point out.

Many days I find that I’m starting in on an administrative task (oh, like going online to answer a question about my sales tax certificate) and I get distracted by an email from a vendor with a sale on stuff that I’m almost out of.  Checking on my stock to make sure I really need more (insert just about anything here), I take a quick look a bracelet that I need to finish and the ideal clasp springs to mind.

As I’m sitting at my bench, having wrangled the clasp into the right shape and about to sand away the inevitable tool marks, I get up to wash my hands and decide to check my email, blog and deviantArt site, which reminds me that  I need to finish looking up stuff for a 2 day business license for Los Angeles city. 

Instead, I put more food in the cat’s bowl and clean out the litter box.  The cat thanks me by pulling the bracelet off my workbench and scattering a pile of cut jump rings.  The phone rings.  An hour later, I hang up – it was a friend, a client, my Mom, my spouse, the vet, the doctor’s office reminding me my glasses are ready or possibly all of the above.

Having retrieved as many tiny jump rings as I can find, I decide to vacuum, but realize that it’s 2 pm and I had coffee for breakfast.  One peanut butter and honey sandwich later, I figure out what’s for dinner and head back to the bench to maybe sand out those tool marks.

Having finally finished the clasp and gotten it securely attached to the rescued bracelet, I drop it in the tumbler for a final polish.  I get the vacuuming done, jump online to finish my research and place an order in between cooking dinner and washing up some of the dishes.

The tumbling done, I eat dinner, rescue the bracelet again from the cat and take some photos of both the bracelet and the cat. 

Then  it’s time to see if I got a good photo [of the bracelet – the cat always photographs well 🙂 ], upload the photo to whatever site I think I need to put new photos on and write something about the bracelet.  Sometimes, I need to write a blog post or answer some email, but both the cat and the spouse want to talk to me, maybe even do something like play a game or watch The Big Bang Theory.  I write the blog on commercial breaks and realize pretty soon that it’s about bed time.

I guess the point is that being an artist and trying to have any commercial presence at all means being a lot more than an artist.

Therefore, when someone helps you out with any of your jobs, it’s like getting an early Christmas present.  Especially, for me anyways, when someone helps out with the PR type jobs.

Therefore, a ton of Thank Yous to both Brian Thao Worra and Aaron Vanek. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Aaron Vanek has helped by getting my info onto the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival website [] and in general  answering my questions about the show.  Both he and Brian answer emails really fast, which is so incredibly helpful.  I love getting an email reply after 11pm – let’s me know that I’m not the only person with a crazy schedule!  Aaron’s emails are also very reassuring and I’m looking forward to saying thank you in person. 

Brian Thao Worra is an artist (of the written word persuasion) himself as well as incredibly involved in several aspects of the larger community.  HIs blog is titled The Other Side of the Eye.   He is posting interviews from the guests (plus being a guest) for the film festival as well as the vendors.  I highly recommend checking out not just the interviews, but also taking a look at his other posts as there is a lot going on that many of us never realize exists and Brian has taken his time and talent to create an opportunity to educate ourselves a bit.  He also shares some very thoughtful poetry.  You need to read it for yourself.  Really. 

 For me, today, it’s back to wearing as many hats as I can before sleep overtakes me.  I’m gonna channel my inner Doc McCoy (Damn it Jim! I’m an artist, not the bookkeeper…) and get all my receipts entered into QuickBooks, then I’m gonna saw out another pair of bat earrings.  Right after I make dinner and brush the cat. And maybe play Minecraft with my spouse.

The Oft Rescued Cuff.

Etched Brass, Stamped Copper. Riveted to leather with brass jump chain mail closure.

Etched Brass, Stamped Copper. Riveted to leather with brass chain mail closure.








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