Folding and folding and folding

Took a break from wire and metal last week, since my hands and wrists need the rest. I also realized that I need to clean up in the workroom, so of course I decided to work in the dining room. Out of sight, off the to do list, right?

Being organized is an ongoing fascination for me; not that I’m terribly organized, it’s a case of needing to be more organized and fighting the process of getting there.

I use things more often if I like them and I really dislike wallets, so I use a small folded paper case to house my business cards, credit cards, club cards, driver’s license and other small, flat items to keep them all together. I call it a Card Keeper.

Card Keepers

I make both the covers and the inside pages and decorate the ribbon ends with small charms from my metalwork or pearls and beads. Then comes the really fun part. These are sitting on a white linen cocktail napkin that is hand hemmed using a drawn thread technique. Yeah, I do that too.


Stamps and ink! Yay!! Each Card Keeper is it’s own miniature work of art on the inside. I imagine that if someone wanted to, they could use it as a small art journal as well since black ink would show up over the stampings. In any case, keeping that small part of my life organized is now a fun mini art experience instead of a chore.


I will have about twenty of these Card Keepers at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival September 27 – 29 in San Pedro, CA. The festival looks to be a terrific event again this year (last year I got to see the Coon Trilogy for the first time!!!! I must have been living under a rock before.) and I’m excited to be part of it.

Check it out at :

Sneak Peek at the U.F.O. I’m working on

Chained 'thul

Pierced copper, box chain in copper.

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