Talent lies in each of us, often in a dark, unexplored corner. A while ago, I had an artist friend, CAL, over for the weekend and we played with paper, ink and paint all day long.

Now, our talents lie in opposite directions- she is very fluid thinking while I’m more of a straight line. When we work together, I do things like base coating or tracing while she does the interesting things if we work in paint, dye or inks. If we work with fiber or material, she does the cutting out of numerous little pieces and I do the folding, stitching and embroidery. She does the beading, since I get mad when beads fall off.

She wanted me to do some paper marbling and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be any good at it. We were both surprised that as long as I used a color wheel to assist with color choice, I turn out some amazing results!

Pretty soon, every flat surface in my living room and balcony was covered in drying rice paper, copy paper, coffee filters and even manila folders that now had the strangest, yet compelling, images we had seen.

We divvied up the loot and went about our pursuits according to our interests. I used some stamps on some small scraps and incorporated the results into bracelets (riveting paper onto metal is an interesting process), earrings, pendants and whatnot.

A month or two later, we got together again and she showed me what she had been doing with her part of the loot.

Seascape of Dreams -Pen and ink on marbled paper.

Seascape of Dreams -Pen and ink on marbled paper.

Red Tide - pen and ink on marbled paper.

Red Tide – pen and ink on marbled paper.

Framing was now up to me. I’m working on a frame with copper and red brass elements for the Red Tide and a frame with patinaed copper and silver for the Seascape of Dreams.

It’s hard work since each time I get these out for reference, I can get lost just looking at them.

Prints of both Red Tide and Seascape of Dreams are available at DeviantArt under my Hawkston account. Hopefully, the frames for the originals will be done in time for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival (September 27 – 29) in San Pedro. I’d like to have the originals out for public viewing at the event.

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