Copper on my mind

I love copper. I like brass and silver, but I looooooove copper!

To work with that is. I wear more silver than anything else, but I often go without any adornment at all. The reason is pretty simple – I can’t really wear my pieces when I am working. Metal conducts heat and the last thing I need is more potential for hazard than I already have.

My home studio is a little cramped and many of my endeavors have to share space until completion. For example, my bench is the place for faceting stone, cabbing stone, wirework, filing, sawing, hammering, riveting, sanding and polishing as well as a place to sort work related paperwork and articles. A small table to my left is the home to tumbling, torching and wet processes. Behind me is the computer brain center of my home – there reside the MAC, the PC and both laptops as well as the scanner/printer. The remaining wall houses my fiber and paper media.

But back to copper. I’m prepping for a show at the end of September and am trying out new designs in copper towards building some stock. A lot of things have leaves as I’m totally floored by the process of creating a leaf out of copper.

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